Our Amazing Young Beneficiaries (16-25 yrs)


— Why Young People?

We focus our work with Young People because they are the next generation. They need our support to grow, and to reach their full potential. Since the Pandemic has hit them hard, and impacted their future goals and vision, we need to rise to the challenge and give them an equal opportunity.


— Young People wanting to become Entrepreneurs?

We support Young People who have felt marginalised by their life circumstances. We specialise in Young People aged 16-25 years who are wanting to become Entrepreneurs.


— What support we provide?

We provide Young People with a variety of support. Assessments, Life Coaching, Mentoring, Marketing, Financial Investments, Fundraising, Training in Life Skills, Emotional Literacy, Employability Skills, Personal Development, Social Media Building, Branding, Mental health/wellbeing, Training courses, College & University courses, Work experience, Volunteering, Starting your own business


Focused 100% on Marginals. Focused 100% on Equality.

We Support People off the Margins of Society to Reach Their Full Potential

What We Care About!

Bringing Dreams within Reach for the Disabled

That you have EQUAL Opportunities in employment, and being afforded the same opportunities as anyone else.

The Keys to a New Future for people of Faith

RESPECT for your culture, your values, your beliefs, and lifestyle because they are equal to all other faiths.

Ethnic Minorities Rise to Greatness

You feeling EMPOWERED to reach for the same opportunities as the majority.

Finding a New Life—embracing your Gender

Have a sense of BELONGING, and feel a part of society just like everyone else. Working to actualize your goals and aspirations.

Sexual Orientation Awareness Breaking New Ground

You feel UNDERSTOOD and accepted exactly as you are. That your dreams of work supporting your life choices become a reality.

Bringing Dreams within Reach for Women, and Alternative Sub-cultures

Anyone feeling discriminated against because of their DIFFERENCE, We are here to support you into a better, more productive life.