Leave a Gift in Your Will

Leave a Gift to
us in Your Will

By remembering The Shiva Trust in your Will, your compassion and kindness will live on in the smiles of people for years to come

Your Legacy is an Investment in Equality

By remembering The Shiva Trust in your Will, you can be a beacon of hope far into the future.

Here at The Shiva Trust, we understand that updating or writing your will is a big decision. We are a charity based on family values and we are conscious that your loved ones must come first. However, we would not be able to carry out our life changing work, without the kindness and support of people like you. You really can make a difference. Your choices really do matter. If you would like to find out more about how a Gift in Your Will can make a lasting difference then, Download Our Free Shiva Trust Will Writing Guide and Our Free Practical Will Writing Tips Guide Now.

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Create Your Legacy

With your help, we will continue our transformative work of improving the equality of opportunities for the marginalised people within society. 

No one should have poorer life chances because of the way they were born. Your legacy will continue to work hard for equality for generations to come. Your legacy will provide food and shelter for rescued animals who have suffered abuse. You will be making a stand for a better world as you support our environmental projects. Your decision to make a difference will not cost you a penny in this lifetime


Why I Decided to Leave a Gift to Shiva Trust in my Will

You have the power to be a lasting force for change and an advocate for equality by leaving a gift in your will to The Shiva Trust Charity

You can empower people to reach their full potential. Through legacy donations, we are able to 100% support the marginalized within our society.

And 100% focus on equal opportunities for all.

If you would like to find out more about leaving a gift in your will then please get in touch

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend using a qualified solicitor from your local area to make your will. The Law Society website will have listings of solicitors in your area. We have also partnered with……………. to offer a free will writing service at no cost and no obligation to you (add link to page where more information can be given if you decide to do this).

The Shiva Trust Charity is not able to offer legal advice about making your will but we can assist you with simple queries. Just contact (name and details here).

There are three types of gift you can leave in your will. A residuary gift, this is once your family and loved ones have been taken care of, you can leave a percentage of your estate to the charity. Lots of people choose this type of gift as it stays in line with inflation and doesn’t lose its’ value over time. The second type is a pecuniary gift. This is a fixed sum of money. The third type of gift is a specific gift. This can include things like an item, land, shares, art or some other specific item.

Any gift, large or small is very much appreciated and always makes a difference in the lives of those who need it most. Your gift whatever the size will impact poverty relief, education programmes, volunteering opportunities and above all will support us to provide equality for all.

We welcome all gifts that can be used for our general charitable projects. However we are of course more than happy to accept gifts that are for a particular use. This means that your money will be spent on the thing that you feel most passionate about. Please feel free to contact (name and contact details) if you would like to find out more about our ongoing projects.

You are under no obligation to tell The Shiva Trust Charity if you decide to leave us a gift in your will. However, we love hearing from and connecting with our supporters. Informing us of your choices allows us to give you a BIG THANK YOU and enables us to know how best we can support you. Our supporters are very much appreciated and valued. And rest assured any information you give us is completely confidential and is in no way legally binding.

Small changes can be a made to a will using a document called a codicil. This is read in conjunction with your will. You would need to contact your solicitor to make the small change. You would need to pass on our charity name, address and registration number.

Here is some sample wording that can be used in a will: I give to The Shiva Trust Charity of Meadows Farm, Dean Lane, Rossendale, BB4 9RB, registered charity number 1148843 ( % of the residue) of my estate / (£ specified amount) / (specific gift name) absolutely for its’ general charitable purposes / specified project. Remember to use our full name, address and charity number to make sure the gift reaches us.