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— Education

It is widely accepted that education has a major impact on poverty. People from marginalised communities are denied the opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty through lack of investment in equal opportunities. We advocate for and make such investment.

It is important to invest in people. Providing support and empowerment to just one person can have a profound effect on an entire community. When people are given the right conditions to make
steps towards achieving their potential, they can thrive and grow. Positive change in people is vital if
we are to create a fairer, more inclusive world.

— Poverty Relief

Poverty is not just about having a lower income than is needed to ensure a good life. Poverty is an
umbrella term that includes a whole host of life limiting factors. These can include limited access to education, malnutrition, hunger, homelessness, social exclusion, and an inability to access other
basic services.
Providing poverty relief packages to those who need it most, is crucial in supporting people to access equal opportunities. Accessing basic services can make the world of difference in a
person’s life.
We focus on a One Community holistic approach. We group people into ‘cluster communities’. We encourage the participation and co-operation of all people in a single community to a shared long-term plan. This approach enables sharing of limited resources and the development of and adherence to a common strategy for quality of experience and measurable impact.

— Training and Skills

Poor skills or training can hugely impact an individual’s opportunities in life. A lack of relevant skills and training can reduce the chance of getting a better paying job or a more rewarding job. This in
turn impacts the economy and living standards of any given community. Training and skills really do
matter, both on an individual and a community level. With training and skills come improved
employment prospects, better quality of life and a boost for the economy.

Focused 100% on Marginals. Focused 100% on Equality.

We Support People off the Margins of Society to Reach Their Full Potential

Where we Make a Difference Now!

RESPECT for what you cannot change

RESPECT for your culture, your values, your beliefs, and lifestyle because they are equal to all other faiths.

Providing Education for minority groups all over the world.

FREEDOM from cruelty and abuse for all creatures

FREEDOM for your species, your environment, your needs, and habitats because they are equal to all other beings.

Providing Sanctuary for animals and wildlife in UK, India, Haiti and Kenya.

Ethnic Minorities Rise to GREATNESS

You feeling EMPOWERED to reach for the same opportunities as the majority.

Providing Education for children in India.

Finding a New Life—embracing Gender EQUALITY

Have a sense of BELONGING, and feel a part of society just like everyone else. Working to actualize your goals and aspirations.

Providing Education, Training and Employment for Young Women in India.

Poverty AWARENESS Breaking New Ground

You feel UNDERSTOOD and accepted exactly as you are. That your dreams of work and employment become a reality.

Providing Education, Training and Employment for Young people in UK.

Bringing DREAMS within Reach for all regardless of background

Anyone feeling discriminated against because of their DIFFERENCE, We are here to support you into a better, more productive life.

Providing Medical care to the poor in India during Covid 19 Pandemic.