Focused 100% on Young People and Children. Focused 100% on Equity.

We Support Young People and Children off the Margins of Society to Reach Their Full Potential

Where we are Making an Impact!
Our Impact aims are to support our Young beneficiaries to become part of mainstream society, increase social inclusion, reduce harm, anxiety, fear, depression, isolation, stress, and discrimination, and help them to feel more human...

Children and Young People

We empower young people in the UK, aged 5 years – 30 years of age, who through no fault of their own have suffered injustice, inequality, and hardship. Our young beneficiaries find themselves living on the margins of society either through reasons of poverty, difficult family upbringing, because of the colour of their skin or just because society sees them as different. We have a dedicated team of volunteers who are highly skilled and passionate about supporting our young beneficiaries into secure, stable, and lasting way of life. We do this by offering our young beneficiaries the 5 pathways Programme. This includes: Life coaching, mentoring, counselling, life skills and training. These services are tailored to our young beneficiaries according to their individual needs. It is our mission to strive towards providing equity access with regard to opportunities for all of our young people.

Shiva's Life School for Marginals

Shiva’s Life School is worldwide. We have thousands of students across the globe. The school comprises of a team of expert teachers who educate and support our students to reach their full Potential.  Helping them to positively identify and achieve their life goals. We support our students with their :

Physical Health
Life Skills
Emotional Literacy
Spiritual Welfare
Life Purpose
And/Or Social Ethics, Values & Morals

Parents, Teachers and/or Carers

Shiva Trust’s Team provides support to Parents, carers and Teachers. We are a multi-skilled team, and we also offer referrals and signposting services to those in need. We can provide support around the whole family. The cost of neglecting our young people and children’s needs in society is very high; and it is for this reason we offer support to schools, teachers and other agencies who work with young people . All funds raised for providing these services gives us the necessary funds to provide education, counselling, and mentoring for all our young people.