Focused 100% on Marginals. Focused 100% on Equality.

We Support People off the Margins of Society to Reach Their Full Potential

Where we are Making a Difference!

Young People in UK

We empower young people in the UK, aged 16 – 30 years of age, who through no fault of their own have suffered injustice, inequality, and hardship. Our young beneficiaries find themselves living on the margins of society either through reasons of poverty, difficult family upbringing, because of the colour of their skin or just because society sees them as different. We have a dedicated team of volunteers who are highly skilled and passionate about supporting our young beneficiaries into secure, stable, and lasting employment. We do this by offering our young beneficiaries the 5 pathways Programme. This includes: Life coaching, mentoring, counselling, life skills and training. These services are tailored to our young beneficiaries according to their individual needs. It is our mission to strive towards providing equal access of opportunities for all young people.

Covid -19 Medical Centre in India

Shiva Trust works in partnership with a charitable organisation in India called Shri Vidya Math. In response to the Covid state of emergency in India, but in particular, in the region of Jyotirmath, a medical centre has been set up to provide vital medical equipment and services to the poor, sick and those in the need in the local community. Funds raised for this project will buy equipment and services that we very much take for granted in our NHS: stethoscopes, blood pressure machines, ECG monitors and the provision of both doctors and nursing services. The region of Jyotirmath in Uttrakhand has historically been hit hard by all manner of disasters, including floods and glacier slides. Covid has been no exception to this rule. The medical centre will go a long way, therefore, to supporting the Jyotirmath community.

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Animals and the Environment UK and India

Shiva Trust Headquarters is based on the beautiful Meadows Farm in UK. We are a vedic farm, and we provide sanctuary for rescued and abused animals. We can house up to 70 animals at any one time. The cost of caring for animals is steadily on the rise. All funds raised for the animal sanctuary provides food, shelter, and veterinary care for all our animals. We also dedicate a large area of the farm to supporting natural habitats and the environment. We do this through tree planting, through practising Vedic farming methods, through natural habitat cultivation, and through projects which support our environment, for example plastic recycling projects. The natural world is crying out for some long-awaited love and kindness. We strive to provide a loving and fully functioning example of how we can all live together in harmony.

Empowering Women in India

We provide tailoring training and support to adolescent girls and women in rural communities in India, where Caste inequalities are still deeply entrenched. It is our vision to empower women who are living in extreme poverty into employment for life, to help eliminate economic hardship and gender inequalities and to provide these women with the opportunity to live a more dignified life.

Educating children in India

Shiva Trust partners with a charity in India called Shri Vidya Math. This charitable partnership allows for some incredible and exciting work to take place. In Varanasi, one of the oldest cities in the world, a residential monastery, sited on the banks of the holy River Ganges, is delivering ancient Vedic education to young scholars aged between 8 and 20 years of age. This is a Divine mission, to educate up to 10,000 children and ultimately to preserve Sanatana Dharma. Empowering a legion of young shishyas (disciple or student) in this way, will most definitely help to keep the world a safe place for all of humanity. Funds for this project provide accommodation, food, medicine, books, clothing, stationary and play equipment for the young Vedic scholars.

Communities in UK

Shiva Trust partners with Communities in Need in the UK. We support the communities by focusing on a One Community
holistic approach. We group residents of the communities into ‘cluster communities’. We encourage the participation and co-operation of
all people in a single community to a
shared long-term plan. This approach enables sharing of limited resources and the development of and adherence to a common strategy for quality of experience and measurable impact.