Financial Assessment


By assessing the Financial status of our beneficiaries, we can make a clear and fair judgement about the services we can offer for them for Free, and which services (if any) will require some level of payment.

If you wish to be considered for some level of Financial support when accessing Shiva Trust services, please contact us and one of our trained financial assessors will make an appointment with you to go through the necessary forms.

Shiva Trust charity treats all the information you share with us with the utmost confidentiality. We adhere to a strict Confidentiality policy which is available on our websites homepage.

Shiva's Life School

Shiva’s Life School delivers courses to educate and empower Young people, Children and adults, we have created a variety of dynamic Courses which promise to change lives.

Young People and Children's Services

All our programmes for Young People and Children are supported by a Team of Teachers, Life coaches, Skills development trainers, Mentors, Counsellors and also supported by our comprehensive referrals and signposting system. Please contact us today for an assessment.

For Parents, carers and Teachers

Shiva Trust’s Team provides support to Parents, Carers and Teachers. We are a multi-skilled team, and we also offer referrals and signposting services to those in need. We can provide support around the whole family.

We Need Your Help!

Its a big idea with great challenges; and we know we cannot do it alone. We have come this far, and yet still there is so much more we can do. With your help we can achieve greater still.

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