Mental Health and Wellbeing

Shiva Trust specialises in supporting Highly Sensitive children and young people to improve their Mental health. Reducing Isolation, improving Relationships, repairing Family problems, healing Trauma, overcoming Childhood conditioning, healing from Abuse; Domestic violence; feeling empowered with Gender identity; Sexual orientation; Racial identity; Prejudice;  Marginalisation; Poverty; Homelessness; Depression; Anxiety; Stress; Loss; PTSD; eating disorders; OCD; Autism; Behavioural problems; Substance misuse, and most importantly improving Emotional intelligence.

Mental health problems are common, with young people in the UK having higher mental health needs than ever. 1 in 6 young people in England (aged 5 to 16) experienced a mental health problem in 2020, up from 1 in 9 in 2017. Nearly one-third of 16-24 year olds in the UK (31%) reported some evidence of depression or anxiety in 2017 to 2018.

Problems are often hidden, stigma is still widespread, and many people are not receiving support to access services. Together with substance misuse, mental illness accounts for 21.3% of the total burden of disease in England. Poor mental health is estimated to carry an economic and social cost of £105 billion a year in England. Mental health problems and suicide can be preventable. Promoting good mental health will impact on physical health and many other aspects of people’s lives.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines mental health as ‘a state of wellbeing in which the individual realises his or her abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community’. Our mental health influences our physical health, as well as our capability to lead a healthy lifestyle and to manage and recover from physical health conditions. People with physical health problems, especially long-term conditions, are at increased risk of poor mental health – particularly depression and anxiety. Around 30% of people with any long-term physical health condition also have a mental health problem. Poor mental health, in turn, exacerbates some long-term conditions, such as chronic pain. Mental health problems start early in life. Half of all mental health problems have been established by the age of 14, rising to 75% by age 24.

Where we are Making an Impact!
Our Impact aims are to support our Young beneficiaries to become part of mainstream society, increase social inclusion, reduce harm, anxiety, fear, depression, isolation, stress, and discrimination, and help them to feel more human...

Our 5 Core Services for
Children and Young People - Life Coaching, Teaching, Training, Counselling and Mentoring

We educate and empower young people in the UK, aged 5 years – 25 years of age, who through no fault of their own have suffered injustice, inequality, and hardship because of their mental health or well being. Our young beneficiaries find themselves living on the margins of society either through reasons of poverty, mental health, lack of well being or just because society sees them as different. We have a dedicated team of volunteers who are highly skilled and passionate about supporting our young beneficiaries into a secure, stable, and lasting way of life. We do this by offering our young beneficiaries our 5 core services. These services are tailored to our young beneficiaries according to their individual needs. It is our mission to strive towards providing equity access with regard to opportunities for all of our young people.

Youth Empowerment Programme for Improved Mental Health and Well being

Our School is worldwide. We have thousands of students across the globe. The school comprises of a team of expert teachers who educate and support our students to reach their full Potential.  Using our ground breaking Self Actualization Profile method we help them to positively identify and achieve their life goals. We support our students with their :

  • Physical Health
  • Life Skills 
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Self-Development
  • Spiritual Welfare
  • Career and Employability Skills
  • And/Or Social Ethics, Values & Morals Based Skills Training
Parents, Teachers and/or Carers

Shiva Trust’s Team provides support to Parents, carers and Teachers. We are a multi-skilled team, and we also offer referrals and signposting services to those in need. We can provide support around the whole family. The cost of neglecting our young people and children’s needs in society is very high; and it is for this reason we offer support to schools, teachers and other agencies who work with young people . All funds raised for providing these services gives us the necessary funds to provide education, counselling, and mentoring for all our young people.