Shiva's Founder

Our Founder, Ramana

Shiva Trust Charity Founder, Ramana

Our Shiva Trust Charity founder Ramana, along with the loving support of her beautiful family; her husband Anand, and children Janu, Sachi, Eesha and Suresh formed the Shiva Trust Charity. 

They started the charity in 2012 so they could continue their existing charitable work within society; which had originally begun in approx. 2001. 

About 21 years ago Ramana and her family privately funded a Homeless Project in Manchester City Centre, along with a Children’s Project close to the City Centre of Manchester in Hulme. The projects grew so big that they could no longer afford to fund them privately, and so their development of the formal registered charity work began.

Ramana, and her family are Hindus. They named their Charity – Shiva Trust after their Family Deity, Lord Shiva. All the work they do within society, they dedicate in Service to Lord Shiva.

Lord Shiva is one of the three main Gods of Hinduism. He is the Patron of Meditation, the Arts and Yoga. He asks all who love and worship him to Serve the Poor and the Needy. Hence, the dedication and tirelessness of Ramana, and her family to help those less fortunate than themselves, those who are suffering or in need.

Lord Shiva asks us to support all regardless of faith or belief in their own personal quest for the attainment of Self realisation, ultimately the goal of life, Happiness!

Ramana is a Hindu Satguru and educates society about Hindu Philosophy. She is a member of Santana Dharma and works for one of the main leaders of Hinduism in India. If you wish to ask her any questions about Hindu Philosophy you can email her at