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Employment – Training and Skills – Coaching

Our Employment – Training and Skills – Coaching Service provides our beneficiaries with skills and qualifications they can build on and develop to begin their working life. In partnership with employers, trainers and other charities, we train and support our beneficiaries. We provide Life Coaches, support and careers advice, whether they’re interested in Tailoring qualifications or an apprenticeship. If they’re an individual or a community looking to enter employment, we work with them to find the best training and employment opportunities in the area. And then, once in training or work, we give ongoing support to make sure it’s all working out. As well as providing specific training such as Equality and Diversity, Mental Health, Emotional Literacy, Employability Skills, and career advice and guidance, we also offer Mentoring Training and programmes. 

Focus on the Beneficiaries

What Our Beneficiaries Say

Let real testimonials do the speaking! The Voices of some of our Amazing Beneficiaries.

I was feeling isolated and alone, my philosophical beliefs were not harming anyone. And yet I felt apart and seperate from mainstream society. Once i completed the Equaltiy and Diversity training I felt so empowered. I now belong to an amazing fellowship of people, and I have a new found sense of hope for my future.
Caroline M.
Graphic Designer
I experienced alot of racism in my new job, and I did not know who to talk to. I got the support I needed and I also managed to study Equality and Diversity. So now when I am at work, I have the confidence to standup to racism. I know the law.
Pascal H.
I lost my confidence because of stress and pressure, and I quickly spiralled into a dark place. Once i completed the Mental health in the workplace training I felt so free. I now know I had a mental breakdown. I have joined a support group and trained in skills to support my mental health,
Robert B.
I struggled for a long time with who I am. I did feel alone, and completely misunderstood. I couldn't speak to anyone because I felt no-one would understand. I really enjoyed learning Emotional Literacy. I now have a girlfriend, a support network and am working hard to help my parents learn about Sexual orientation.
Carmen H.

Support individuals to access opportunities in life by building confidence and self esteem