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Shiva Trust, despite our success to date, remains a small organisation, lacking the financial resources and public profile of others. We have spent all our time on the work, and none on the marketing. We are now seeking social investment partners who share our vision of a society where every person regardless of social or economic circumstance is afforded equal respect and equal opportunity. We require recurring committed support from corporate partners to cover our annual administrative overheads. Such support would allow us to plan ahead, to build up our in-house capacity and to maximise the social return on the investment we have made to date. It would allow us to allocate 100% of funds raised elsewhere to our programmes.

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Our Mission

To achieve our vision we proactively advocate for and invest in equality of
opportunity. We believe in sustainable solutions, empowering individuals, and by doing so effect lasting change.

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We have achieved so much but there is more to do. 

Help us to increase our numbers. Lets Invest in more People, Change more lives,  Provide more Education programmes, Fund more Poverty Relief packages and Raise more Funds.

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Building a World of Equality

Who We Are

Our Founder, Ramana Ennis-Cole and her family are joined by an amazing team of Trustees, Staff and Volunteers who together form the Shiva Trust Charity.

Every member of our team is dedicated to improving the lives of the marginalised within our society. We all work tirelessly to effect lasting change, and empower our beneficiaries to create equal opportunities.

Our team is made up of Women, Ethnic Minorities, and Young people. We have all experienced living in society as a marginalised person, and we have all overcome the hardships and challenges. We know that to keep what we have learnt, and maintain our own personal growth that we have to give to back to those who are now experiencing hardship themselves.

Our Core Values


— Education

It is widely accepted that education has a major impact on poverty. People from marginalised communities are denied the opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty through lack of investment in equal opportunities. We advocate for and make such investment.


— Equality

Access to education however is not enough and the education provided must foster equality of opportunity. We believe people from marginalised communities should have EQUAL skills and training, EQUAL provisions and EQUAL relief from poverty as any person within society. We proactively advocate for and invest in equality of opportunity.


— Service

With a concern for human welfare and advancement. One of the greatest things a human being can do is to serve others. The truest form of selfless service is when we give without wanting anything in return. That is the spirit in which we give. Service for the public good, focusing on improving their quality of life.


— Sustainability

We promote a unique public-private sector partnership. We, and our service providers, partner with the local community and local Government or other Charities to utilise existing
resources and share knowledge for lasting sustainable impact.


— Partnership

If possible we use local skilled labour and we always request financial contributions from community and council funding. However if such
support is not forthcoming and there is a genuine need we will deliver. We have found that the lack of financial investment at the initial stage does
not translate to lack of ownership long term, as long as the terms of engagement are set out clearly in advance. We request that the community invests in and supports our efforts to enhance the quality of the opportunity provided. The relationship between Shiva Trust, and community is based upon mutual respect, trust, commitment and shared values.

Impact Stories

Empowerment - For Young People in UK

We worked with a Youth project from Moss side, Manchester UK to provide opportunities for the young people from Jamaica living in Manchester to have access to our rural farm. The young people had the opportunity to work with horses, pigs, and sheep. Build fences. Develop pond habitats. And plant trees. They were provided with Training and Skills, mentoring and emotional support throughout the farming experience. It improved their mental health, and inspired them to strive for more for themselves and their life.

A Brighter Future — For an India Community

We worked with a large community of women in Tirupati, India.  The women came from an untouchable caste, and had previously not been permitted to work or seek employment. We were invited to support the women  and spent time building up their self esteem and confidence. We then invested in training and skills: helping them to produce their own products from home and supplied them with all materials, tools and equipment.  We supported them through the business development process. And finally helped them to sell their products in shops and retail stores.