Our Vision

Is for Shiva Trust to be Highly Valued by all we Serve, the Students in which we Educate, our Loyal and Committed staff, Volunteers and our Trustees; to be a Supportive Charity; A Modern and Innovative Charity that's Creating Success Locally and Sharing our Skills Globally.

And Make an Impact Today! 
Our Impact aims and objectives are simple. 

For the Highly Sensitive Children and Young People we support to become part of mainstream society, to feel more socially included, to reduce the harm, anxiety, fear, depression, isolation, stress and discrimination they feel on a daily basis, but most importantly to empower them to feel more Human again…

We are always seeking new partnerships with people who share our vision; the vision of Improving the lives of Highly Sensitive Children and Young People with their mental health and well being, which will in turn support them to become a part of mainstream society. By Investing in our Core Vision, it allows us to allocate 100% of our funds raised to our Beneficiaries.


Our Mission

To Develop and Maintain an effective learning environment for all Students in our School to Achieve their Full Potential.

1200 +

Changed Lives across the Globe

1200 +

Education, Training and Skills Programmes

0 +

Poverty Relief Packages Worldwide

£ 1200 M+


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What We Achieved

We have achieved so much but there is still more to do. 

Help us to increase our IMPACT. Lets Empower more Children. Change more lives,  Provide more Education programmes, Fund more Poverty Relief packages and Raise more Funds.

Together we can achieve so much more….

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